Cloudflare works exceptionally well to stop ddos attacks it also stops people scraping your website for its members and content.

Cloudflare also stops a lot of attacks against crms like wordpress and joomla.

SSL is enabled by default on cloud flare.

Most of all Cloudflare is free! No cost at all.

Speed up your site today it will really help with your Local Seo and register for cloudflare the setup is easy!

Leaflet Distribution

Rapid SSL and Google SEO

Rapid SSL can be an attractive ssl cert for people due to the price 10 bucks can normally nab you a cert!

The question comes to mind however if you are buying an seo cert to help with your seo signals is Rapid SSL good enough would a more expensive cert help seo more ?

The answer is no Rapid SSL works just as good as anyother cert for SEO! ¬†More expensive certs may offer a higher “insurance” level against theft but as for seo rapid will be just fine!

Hope this helps.

Get Google to Index you quickly

From time to time we need to tell google to index our websites manually maybe to get your site noticed quicker than the search bots pick you up

You can get google to manually index you by requesting it at the following link

submit URL to google

to do the same on bing see this link

submit url to bing

Don’t do it too often or Google will get cranky!

Online Backup Ireland

Online backup in Ireland is very available and a great technology to offer real redundancy for your office. A few rules to remember are as follows.


  • Always insure you are supplied with a local copy of your data on nas disk also
  • make sure the data stays in Ireland
  • stay away from providers who use ahsay a cheap piece of software from hongkong
  • ask the provider to come out and install it for you
  • pay no more than 1000 euro per year


Recommended providers

Online Backup from

Backup from EMC

Backup from Iron Mountain

UTM Builder

UTM urls are a very powerful technology for seo gurus to help their clients out with their marketing campaigns UTM links are omni channel and can pinpoint the traffic coming to your website and give you insight if it is converting or not.

Whysr is a company that offers a UTM Builder which I have found to be very impressive and really helps me with Google Analytics. The Company is ahead of the curve on UTM technology and the software is well worth a try.

IT Support Pricing in Dublin

What type of pricing should your business be paying for Business IT Support in Dublin?

After reviewing the market we came across an IT Support provider based on Hatch Street in Dublin 2.

We spoke to Tom O’Connor and ask him the following questions

How much per hour per call out?

Tom: loads of money about 95 euro per hour.

Why so much?

Tom: We dont want your hourly business we want to manage your network and server and ensure its managed correctly and not a living nightmare.

So how much for management ?

200 euro per month upwards, that includes all call outs , remote support, advanced cyber security software and backup that fails over if your office blows up!

Thanks for your time Tom.

Your more than welcome!!!